Florian van Strien4.457,163 votes

CircloO is a puzzle game, where you control a ball within a large circle. You have to roll the ball around the circle to complete the level. In circloO, you must use momentum to fight the forces of gravity. Roll back and forth, and try to hop over the round obstacles in your path. Each level consists of multiple parts, and every new part will grow the level in size! The games saves the amount of time you take to complete a level. So on replaying a level, your best time (and best time per part) will be featured in the top left corner. This way you can try and beat your own times and set new record for each level. The game features 20 levels, of which 6 are labelled as difficult. The game also features a nice soundtrack that helps you stay calm and collected during difficult levels. Can you beat all the levels and become a CircloO master?

How to play:

Move - W/A/S/D or arrow keys

About the creator:

CircloO was created by Dutch developer Florian van Strien.