CircloO 2

Florian van Strien4.422,848 votes

CircloO 2 is the official sequel of CircloO, a nice skillful game where you have control over a ball within a bigger circle. Just like its predecessor, you try and get to the small circle to go to the next section of the level. Use your speed to roll over obstacles, and reach your destination. The game features 24 brand new levels! All levels throws new obstacles in your way. Skilfully control the ball, and use your momentum! Try beating your own time by completing the levels multiple times. The game also features a brand new nice soundtrack by Stijn Cappetijn. Can you beat CircloO 2 and set the best time on every level?

Move - W/A/S/D or arrow keys

About the creator:
Florian van Strien created the CircloO series. He's a skilled Dutch developer with games like the original CircloO and The Final Earth 2 both playable on Poki.

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