Roly-Poly Monsters

Johnny-K4.463,447 votes

Roly-Poly Monsters is an puzzle platform game where you tap the screen to fire an exploding cannon ball and destroy all the Roly-Poly Monsters on the screen. Use the least possible amount of bombs to get the best score. Test your aiming skills, logic, and dexterity. Some levels are harder than others, so they will require you to think about how to use you ammunition strategically! Don't forget to share Roly-Poly Monsters with your friends!

How to play Roly-Poly Monsters

Tap on a direction to shoot a bomb.

Press the "R" key to restart a level.

Who created Roly-Poly Monsters?

Roly-Poly Monsters is created by Johnny-K. Play their other puzzle platform games on Poki: Cover Orange, Cover Orange: Space, Cover Orange: Journey, Cover Orange: Pirates and Cover Orange: Gangsters

How can I play Roly-Poly Monsters for free?

You can play Roly-Poly Monsters for free on Poki.

Can I change the colour of the blood in Roly-Poly Monsters?

Yes! You can change it in the settings menu between green and red!

Can I play Roly-Poly Monsters on mobile and desktop?

Roly-Poly Monsters is playable on your computer and mobile devices such as phones and tablets.