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kORi WALk is a puzzle skill game where you try to stay on your two feet on a treacherous platform with a dangerous body of water. In order to control your limbs, you need to use your cursor like a slingshot. Click and drag your mouse to pull back, and release to launch your silly, floppy legs forward. Pay attention to which leg you're flinging, otherwise you might flop into the water and lose the game. Pass all kinds of short and wide gaps without touching the water, hit flags to activate checkpoints, and collect yummy carrots along the way to compare scores against your friends. Don't forget to share kORi WALk with your friends so you can compare your scores!

How to play kORi WALk?

Move - Click, drag and release the left mouse button to fling the character

Who created kORi WALk?

kORi WALk is created by Korigame. This is their first game on Poki: Climb Fling

How can I play kORi WALk for free?

You can play kORi WALk for free on Poki.

Can I play kORi WALk on mobile devices and desktop?

kORi WALk can be played on your computer.