Running Games

Experience fantasy lands at top speeds with our collection of running games! Each challenge puts obstacles in your path. The missions and environment change with each story. Flee from a wolf disguised as your grandma, or clean up the village streets as fast as possible. You can pick up items and coins for points, and execute flips and combos for bonus rewards. Whether you run for fun or survival, your adrenaline will be pumping!

Arcade running games bring you to familiar worlds where you must cross streets and logs without getting hit. Ski across snowy slopes, and avoid trees and wooden posts on the course. You can replay any track to try to earn a faster time. Explore the vast regions of outer space, and jump across rotating platforms to avoid falling into nothingness. With simple controls and addictive gameplay, hours of fun jumping, dodging, and winning races are ahead of you!

What are the best free Running Games online?

  1. Subway Surfers
  2. Athletics Hero
  3. G-Switch 3
  4. Run 3
  5. 100 Metres Race
  6. Parkour Race
  7. Daddy Long Legs
  8. Running Fred
  9. Rodeo Stampede
  10. The Speed Ninja

What are the most popular Running Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Subway Surfers
  2. Athletics Hero
  3. G-Switch 3
  4. 100 Metres Race
  5. Parkour Race