OvO Classic

Dedra Games4.123,509 votes

OvO Classic is an arcade platform game made where you take part in speedruns using a stickman character. Your objective is to reach the flag at the finish line as quick as possible. Your speed and efficiency will determine your success and high score. Simply jump, wall-jump and slide your way through the levels! If you want to really master the game, combine these actions to get extra power! You can jump higher right after a slide or a ground pounce! Can you be the fastest speedrunner in OvO Classic?

How to play OvO Classic?

Controls will be displayed inside the game.

Move - Left / Right arrows

Jump - Space bar

Slide - Downward arrow

Who created OvO Classic?

OvO Classic was created by Dedra Games, a game development studio based in France. Play their other game on Poki: OvO Dimensions

Can I play OvO Classic for free?

OvO Classic is free to play on Poki.

Can I play OvO Classic on mobile and desktop?

OvO Classic is playable on both your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.