Dino Run

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Dino Run is a classic running game, created by Pixeljam. You play as a dinosaur and you have to run from extinction. Prevent the extinction of your species by running away from flying meteorites and evil dinosaurs! Take control of a dino fighting for his life. Run as quickly as possible, and stomp on other animals in your path. Jump over obstacles, and don't get caught in pits. Avoid total extinction at all costs!

Pro tips:

Collect eggs to earn extra lives
Collect super eggs to reach game milestones and earn DNA. This can be used to boost your abilities!
You can also receive 1 DNA for each 8 eggs that you find and every 8 critters that you eat.
When your feet are sparking, you can get a speed boost by pressing shift.

How to play:

Move left/right - Left/Right arrow key
Jump - Up arrow key
Duck - Down arrow key
Dash - Shift

About the creator:

Dino Run was created by Pixeljam. Pixeljam is also known for their other game on Poki which is cheap-golf.