Day of Meat: Castle

Lampogolovii4.426,463 votes

Your kingdom has come under attack from an unknown enemy and your castle is the last bastion of defence! Take control of the castles defensive capabilities to keep these invaders away! While the archers in the castle do all the shooting for you, you need to manage and control your limited resources to defend those inside! Collect crystals to gain new cool upgrades for the castle from golden eggs containing money falling from the sky, to dragon-like fire beams! Defend your home from the endless waves of monsters, but look cool doing it ;)

How to play Day of Meat Castle ?

Get money from defeating enemies and use it to upgrade you castle. At the end of each round, buy new upgrades using crystals and keep getting stronger!

Who created Day of Meat Castle?

Day of Meat Castle is created by Lampogolovii. This is the third installment of the Day of Meat series. Check out the first two on Poki: Day of Meat and Day of Meat: Radiation!

How can I play Day of Meat Castle for free?

You can play Day of Meat Castle for free on Poki.

Can I play Day of Meat Castle on mobile devices and desktop?

Day of Meat Castle can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.