Word Monsters

Unico Studio4.119,507 votes

Word Monsters is a word-focused thinking game developed by Unico Studio. Word Monsters brings two different genres together by creating a unique puzzle experience. Guess and form the correct word based on the hint you see on the screen. If you form the correct word, your monster will eat and grow in size. Feed your monster enough times and eventually it will evolve into a new type of monster. Keep feeding your monsters information and explore the limits of the evolution of intelligent life!

How to play:

Tap the appropriate letter to form and chain words. Every real word you type will earn you points even if it's not the correct word for the round.

About the creator:

Word Monsters is created by Unico Studio. Poki has other games by them: Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles, Word City Uncrossed and 4 Pics 1 Word.