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Routemania is a relaxing, colorful puzzle game where you build routes around the world. This game was made by Roadtrip Games. Solve a ton of puzzles on different maps by discovering the most efficient way to connect cities using your available pieces. Will you be able to solve all levels ?

How to play Routemania

Use the mouse click to select a route between two cities. If you have the matching pieces, the road will be built.

Who created Routemania?

Routemania was created by Roadtrip Games. This is their first game on Poki !

When did Routemania come out?

Routemania was released in 2022.

How can I play Routemania on PC?

You can play Routemania on your browser without installing or downloading for free on Poki.

Are there updates on Routemania?

Yes, new maps will be released later on, so remember to check the game out from time to time if you want to play the new levels.