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Yacht is a classic dice game, dating back from 1938. The game is the predecessor of Yahtzee and has a lot of similarities to the Latin-American Generala, the Scandinavian Yatzy and the English game of Poker Dice. In this game, you have got 6 dice and the goal is to throw as much special combinations as possible. A turn starts with the first throw. After this throw you can choose which dice you want to lock for your combination, and you can throw the other dice for a second time. From this throw you can again lock some dice and then you can make a final throw. After this throw you can choose which combination you get in the scorecard.

Pro tip:

Try to go for the higher combinations first. If you don't have a good combination at the end of your turn, make sure to put it on the lower combinations as they are worth less points.

How to play:

Use you mouse/finger and follow the instructions on the screen.

About the creator:

Yacht was created by Codethislab. They are well known for all their classic games on Poki, like Uno Online, Foosball and Master Checkers.