Toaster Dash

SnoutUp Games4.22,284 votes

Toaster Dash is a vertical platformer where you bounce a toaster off of toaster strudels and reach the top without hitting obstacles. In this charming skill game, you can challenge your fast swiping skills, test reaction time and train quick thinking in a style of addictive puzzle arcade. Complete tons of challenging levels, unlock funny characters, chase the high score in endless jumping obstacle courses! Swipe fast keep your tiny toaster dashing around dangerously sweet donuts, risk jumping over spikes of forks, teleport through portals and bounce off the walls to toast as much crunchy bread as you can in this fun jumping game for kids and family! Power up your funny jumpy hero with hot coffee and tasty jam to finish toast cooking levels faster. There are over 30 creative hand-made levels and tons of achievements to unlock.

How to play Toaster Dash?

Use your mouse to swipe the toaster around, try to pick up as many breads as possible without hitting obstacles.

Who created Toaster Dash?

Toaster Dash is created by SnoutUp. They have other thinking games on Poki: Iron Snout, Bacon May Die, Card Hog, Hop Chop, Cave Blast, shurican, Card Hog, and Bunny Goes Boom

How can I play Toaster Dash for free?

You can play Toaster Dash for free on Poki.

Can I play Toaster Dash on mobile devices and desktop?

Toaster Dash can be played on your computer.