Afterlife: The Game

Ohmaigawd4.0368,702 votes

After death, life must go on! Play Afterlife (the game) to see what happens to the protagonist of this game. Ever wanted to play countless fun minigames as a ghost? Afterlife: The Game online is the best way to do it! Make other ghosts laugh, protect the living and find your way in the world as a newly-made spirit. Play Afterlife: The Game on Poki for a chance to influence the living world from beyond the grave! You don’t need to pay the ferryman to play Afterlife: The Game for free.

How to play Afterlife: The Game?

Use your mouse to move. Left click to interact.

What are good tips & tricks?

  • The mouse is used in different ways for each game
  • You’ll get instructions on what to do before the minigames start.

Who created Afterlife The Game?

Afterlife: The Game is a sequel to Life - The Game. Both games are created by Ohmaigawd.