Cat's Party

Sakkat Studio3.83,234 votes

Cat's Party is a physics-based skill game where you're a cat alone in the dark city trying to make its way to the safety of other feline companions. There's a cat party at the rooftop and your job is to reach it. Drag and release your cursor or finger to send the cat flying up. Hold on to windowsills, platforms, pipes, and basically anything you can latch on to - and jump higher! Be careful as the way to the top is not a cakewalk: You will face moving obstacles, disappearing platforms, and unfriendly humans who will push you off their balcony. Make sure to pick up the food pieces scattered around so you can buy your cat cool skins! Share Cat's Party with your friends and keep the party alive!

How do you play Cat's Party?

Drag and release your cursor or finger to send the cat flying up. Reach the terrace party at the top without falling off.

Who created Cat's Party?

Cat's Party was created by Sakkat Studio. They have many other thinking and management games on Poki: It's Story Time!, Sweet Run, James Gun, Crush It!, Ground Digger, Throw It Higher! and Descent

How can I play Cat's Party for free?

You can play Cat's Party for free on Poki.

Can I play Cat's Party on mobile devices and desktop?

Cat's Party can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.