Cat Games

Our collection is great for animal lovers and feline owners. Even if you do not have a kitty as a pet, you will love our wide selection of adventures. You can listen to kittens meow, launch pussycats via a catapult, and earn thousands of points by playing with pets. Our challenges give you the option of choosing whichever kitties you love, including domestic, tabby, and longhairs! Send pets flying through the sky, race in a mini-car, and have all sorts of fun in our many cat games!

In our cat games, you can play fast-based arcade action and relaxing strategy gameplay. Use your keyboard and mouse to control kittens, aim cannons, and do much more! You can take your pet to the grocery store, and catch falling objects in your shopping cart. Or, play high-flying, bouncing games, using trampolines and other tools to send your pet soaring. Our wide variety of cat challenges will keep you entertained for hours, with many different purr-fect game choices for every type of player!

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What are the best Cat Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?