Idle Miner

Denis Olenison4.216,748 votes

Idle Miner is an idle-clicker game where you (with the help of your trusty cat) make your way through the mines to collect materials. You can upgrade your pickaxe to new minerals and materials but just because you buy an upgrade, doesn’t mean it will always be better. Mine, click and craft your way through the game and see how far you can get!

How to play Idle Miner?

Click on the bell in the bottom left to mine faster. Follow the tutorial at the beginning of the game for all the details!

Who created Idle Miner?

Idle Miner is created by Denis Olenison. This is their first game on Poki!

How can I play Idle Miner for free?

You can play Idle Miner for free on Poki.

Can I play Idle Miner on mobile devices and desktop?

Idle Miner can only be played on your computer for now.