Grow Up the Cats

Ulpo Media4.330,717 votes

Grow Up the Cats is an idle clicker game where you farm kittens with the help of your trusted robot cat companion. You own a fertile land capable of producing cats, and a robot can do most of the heavy-lifting. Tap to plant, water and harvest a cat. Check the bottom panel where you can buy fertilizer to boost your earnings, and improve your robocat to tap automatically for you. Keep doing this to unlock beautiful new lands and discover new cat breeds to add to your collection!

How to play Grow Up the Cats?

Tap to plant, water and harvest a cat. Buy fertilizer to boost earnings. Improve your robocat to he can tap automatically for you.

Who created Grow Up the Cats?

Grow Up the Cats is created by Ulpo Media. This is their first game on Poki!