Puffy Cat 2

Indiesoft4.341,628 votes

Puffy Cat 2 is the sequel to the 2D puzzle game created by Indiesoft. Your favourite cat friend is back! This time in a whole new Egyptian style. Pop all the balloons in a level by removing the platforms, but make sure that you time it right. There's an awesome new shop where you can unlock customisation options for your cat. And yes, you can pet the cat! Find the lucky sarcophagus or secret tombs for more un-lockables. You even have great summoning powers. If you get stuck, let the ladybugs do the work. Can you finish every level?


Remove the obstacle - Tap with your finger or click with the left mouse button

About the creator:

Puffy Cat 2 is created by Indiesoft, a game development company based in Belarus. This is their third game on Poki after Puffy Cat and Mahjong Cards!