Meow Merge

Slab Games4.417,995 votes

Meow Merge is an idle merging game where you merge cats and build your own meow home. Your cats sit around and earn you passive income. So put that luck to good use by creating your own cat empire! Merge two of your identical cats to upgrade them. You can do so by dragging a cat and dropping it on the other. Keep doing this to maximize the amount of money you earn. Unlock new cats, earn achievements, discover surprises, and more. Meow Merge even lets your cats make money while you're offline! Don't forget to share Meow Merge with your friends!

How to play Meow Merge?

Press the action button at the right time to gain points.

Who created Meow Merge?

Meow Merge is created by Slab Games, a game development studio based in Indonesia. Play their other addictively cute puzzle game on Poki: Where is My Cat?

Can I play Meow Merge on mobile or desktop?

Meow Merge is playable both on your desktop and on your mobile phone for free on Poki.