Throw It Higher!

Sakkat Studio4.26,606 votes

Throw It Higher! is a skill game created by Sakkat Studios. You’re an ordinary person who practices throwing a basketball in this game, but things will take an extraordinary turn with the upgrades to your power and speed. Throw the ball up at just the right time to launch it as high as possible and earn money for it. Use the money you’ve earned to up your game and boost your power. Soon, your ball will reach the atmosphere and even space! People say the sky is the limit, but those people obviously haven’t played Throw It Higher!

How to play:

Press the throw button to launch the basketball up in the air. When it falls back down, press the throw button at just the right time to launch the ball again with full force.

Throw - Tap / Left mouse button / Space bar

Throw It Higher! is created by Sakkat Studio. Play their other casual games on Poki: indecent-escape, Sweet Run and Ground Digger