Basketball FRVR

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Basketball FRVR is a basketball game created by FRVR. The game became popular on facebook, but it found its way throughout the web. Flick with your mouse or fingers to score in Basketball FRVR! This sports game challenges you to shoot like Kobe Bryant. Each consecutive basket is worth more points. If you miss one shot, your streak will end. Be careful, because the hoop will start to move away from you!

How to play:

To flick the ball you have to click it with your mouse and drag it or tap it with your finger to drag it into the net.

About the creator:

Basketball FRVR was created by FRVR Studios. They have also created another sports games which is Football FRVR , but also games like Golddigger FRVR, Food Tycoon FRVR, Hex FRVR and Mahjong FRVR.