Anycolor by Numbers

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Anycolor by Numbers is a coloring game like Anycolor but with a unique twist! This time you match the colors with the right numbers in order to complete all drawings. Make sure you fill every part of the drawing to complete it! Do you like the designs? Make sure to check out all the great designed drawings. Do you have a favorite drawing? Make sure to use the download button to save it. Have fun with Anycolor by Numbers!

How to play Anycolor by Numbers?

Choose an image from the Gallery. Scroll down for more images.

After the image has loaded you will see:

  1. The image that will be colored

  2. Numbers shown within the image. These numbers show which areas need to be colored and with what active Number icon.

  3. The Number icons on the side. Click these to choose which number to color in next!

To play, follow these steps!

  • Activate the Number icon 1 by tapping it.

  • Areas in the image marked with the number 1 correspond to the Number icon 1.

  • These areas, marked with the number 1, are now highlighted (grey and white checkered pattern).

  • Now tap one of these highlighted areas, and it will be filled with color.

  • Keep on coloring the highlighted areas.

  • When the last highlighted area has been colored, the Number icon 1 disappears. This tells you all the areas of that number have been colored.

  • Choose the next Number icon, which is 2

  • Keep on coloring until all Number icons have disappeared

  • The image is now complete!

  • You may download the colored image

  • Tap the green arrow to save the image and go to gallery

  • Choose the next image from the gallery

  • Keep on coloring and enjoy!

Who created Anycolor?

Anycolor was created by Aniway, a game development team based in Finland. Play their other coloring games on Poki: Anycolor and Anycolor Horoscopes or play their puzzle matching game Koala Bros Bash

How can I play Anycolor for free?

You can play Anycolor for free on Poki.

Can I play Anycolor on mobile devices and desktop?

Anycolor can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.