Number Games

Challenge yourself to hours of mathematical fun with our collection of number games! Test your Sudoku skills on many different board types. You can play a simple round with plain digits, or enter a fantasy world filled with animated characters. Certain games in our collection feature symbols and artwork instead of numbers! For a more relaxing adventure, try to find hidden numbers in colorful pictures from your favorite movies and TV shows!

Many of our number games feature traditional gameplay with a unique twist. You might have to match colors, create flower patterns, or solve math equations. If you get stuck, try using a hint to reveal your next move. Small boards are great for younger players and novices. For a more difficult challenge, try playing on massive game boards with new symbols! After winning the games in our collection, you will be a true puzzle master!

What are the most popular number games?

  1. 2048
  2. Merge the Numbers
  3. Merge to Million
  4. Math Trivia Live
  5. Hypersnake
  6. Impossible 13
  7. Online Sudoku
  8. Solitaire