99 Balls

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99 Balls is an arcade game developed by BuyHTML5. Breathing new life into the classic games like Bubble Shooter and Breakout, 99 Balls spices things up a bit. You will notice balls with numbers on them. Each number corresponds to how many times you have to hit a ball to destroy it before they reach the bottom of your screen. You can collect circles once you've destroyed a ball, and later spend said circles to unlock new weapons and maximize the fun. I got 99 Balls, but the ball you'll have playing this game ain't one.

How to play:

Click and drag your cursor around to aim, and release to shoot.

Tip: Don't aim at a single ball. Instead, use the shooting guide to strategize your moves.

About the creator:

99 Balls is created by BuyHTML5. Play their other games on Poki: Ice Cream, Please!, Dunkbrush, Hypersnake, Scary Hill, Tiny Fishing and Winter Dodge.