Classic Solitaire

MarketJS3.52,024 votes

Classic Solitaire is a thinking game created by MarketJS. Enjoy a truly classic Solitaire experience where you build suit piles in ascending order, from Ace to King. Re-arrange face-up cards in descending order and alternating colors. Classic Solitaire has smooth animations, beautiful graphics and a relaxing theme so that you can sink many hours in and reduce your stress levels. Make sure to play the tutorial stage if you're not familiar with Solitaire. Feel free to share the game with your friends and compare your high scores on Poki!


Click or tap on the smallest available card to use it in the ascending or descending order.

About the creator:

Classic Solitaire is created by MarketJS. Play their other casual games on Poki: Ping Pong, Sudoku Village, Tactical Squad, Super Bubble Shooter, Mine Sweeper, Mine Sweeper, 8 Ball Pool With Buddies, Mahjong Pyramids, Unblock It, Power Badminton, True Love Calculator, Hangman, Ludo Hero, math-trivia-lite, Super Girl Story and Typing Fighter