Solitaire Games

Our collection features card-based fun for all types of players. You can play basic Klondike, Pyramid, or plenty of other variations. Choose from a wide variety of decks, with different graphics and card backs. In some of our solitaire challenges, you can even pick what type of background you want, choosing from tons of different beautiful images! If you enjoy FreeCell, Golf, or Clock, you’ll love our solitaire games collection. You can play practically any single-player card game you wish!

All games in our collection are free to play. If you’re looking for a new type of card game, our solitaire games come with detailed instructions. You’ll learn the rules of your new favorite game and become a master through practice! Have you ever wanted to play Scorpion or Forty Thieves? Now you can, thanks to our solitaire collection! Just use your mouse to sort cards by rank at the foundation or tableau, and discard in the waste pile. You can control all aspects with your mouse, leaving you free to play as fast as you wish!