Idle Gang

NoPowerup4.427,709 votes

Idle Gang is a 3D idle simulation game where you rule your own gang empire in a vibrant city. Many business owners have trouble with threatening gangsters, and they need your skills to protect them. Beat the henchmen and gain control of a territory, and then improve said territory in multiple ways to increase your earnings. Upgrade your fighters to get stronger, upgrade and automate buildings to earn more money, and do so until you get rich! Don't forget to check the bonuses and surprises lurking around the corners, as they can give you money boosts, and even assistance from gigantic superhuman heroes. Idle Gang wraps city management and action-packed fighting games in a fun package. Share it with your friends to find out who can build the largest gang empire.

How to play Idle Gang?

Click on a building to open up the upgrades menu. Click on the "Fight" button to initiate combat. You can take control of a building once you've defeated all of your rivals there.

Who created Idle Gang?

Idle Gang is created by NoPowerup, a game development company based in Vietnam. Play their other fun idle management and clicker games on Poki: Survival Builder, Idle Tree City, Idle Digging Tycoon, Idle Lumber Inc, Idle Light City, Idle Success, Horse Shoeing, Merge Battle, ShootZ and Traffic Rush!

How can I play Idle Gang for free?

You can play Idle Gang for free on Poki.

Can I play Idle Gang on mobile and desktop?

Idle Gang is only playable on your computer for now.