Moving Truck: Construction

7Spot Games4.314,593 votes

Moving Truck: Construction is a puzzle platform game in which you move your customers' belongings to their new house in time without damaging anything. Steer your truck along treacherous paths with bumps and obstacles. You will face difficulties such as potholes that are simple, but also more advanced ones like gigantic anti-clockwise wheels that you must drive over. Avoid damaging your cargo or you will lose your earnings. And you can purchase many awesome items with the money you've earned, like a new paint job, car skins, tags, new wheels, you name it! Don't forget to use Nitro to maximize your score!

How to play Moving Truck: Construction?

Move left/right - A/D or left and right arrow keys

Accelerate - W or up arrow key

Who created Moving Truck: Construction?

Moving Truck: Construction was created by 7Spot Games. Play their other puzzle games on Poki: Moving Truck, Duo Survival, Duo Survival 2, Duo Vikings, Duo Vikings 2, Duo Vikings 3, ZOOM-BE, ZOOM-BE 2, ZOOM-BE 3, Truck Loader, Truck Loader 4, and Truck Loader 5

How can I play Moving Truck: Construction for free?

You can play Moving Truck: Construction for free on Poki.

Can I play Moving Truck: Construction on mobile devices and desktop?

Moving Truck: Construction can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.