Gun Fu: Stickman 2

Dobsoft Studios4.074,269 votes

Gun Fu: Stickman 2 is a stickman shooting game, created by Dobsoft Studios. In Gun Fu, you are a stickman surrounded by enemies from all sides. Your goal is to shoot down as many enemies you can, before they get to you. The enemies are coming from six directions and you can shoot in those directions by pressing the matching key. Make sure that every shot counts, because if you miss three times you are game over.

How to play:

You can choose to play either with your mouse or with keyboard.
Shoot left top corner - Q
Shoot left middle - A
Shoot left bottom corner - Z
Shoot right top corner - O
Shoot right middle - K
Shoot right bottom corner - M
Menu-navigation - arrow keys
Menu-interaction - Spacebar

About the creator:

Dobsoft Studios is the creator behind Gun Fu Stickman 2. They have also created other games like Stickninja Smash

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