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Z-Raid is a multiplayer tower defense game where your objective is to deploy different types of special guns to protect your base from hordes of zombies. For the longest time, the Zombinium Factory has conducted secret experiments, but something has gone wrong lately… The explosion has spread a suspicious purple substance everywhere, a substance that turns people into zombies! Play as a regular person trying to survive: mount turrets, level them up, upgrade your hero, compete in the arena, win tournaments and survive all the raids against real players! Go ahead and share Z-Raid with your friends and live through this exciting zombie adventure together!

How to play Z-Raid?

Click on a unit you can afford, and click again on an empty highlighted slot to place them. Your units will attack incoming enemies automatically. Make use of special turrets such as ice gun which slows down foes. Each item you purchase can be improved which makes your chances of winning higher.

Place turret - Tap or click on a unit, then again on a highlighted available slot

Zoom in/out - Two-finger swipe or mouse wheel

Who created Z-Raid?

Z-Raid was created by ANV Games, a game development company based in Ukraine. Play their other addictive casual games on Poki: Ocean and Laborer 2