Kickflip Santa

BUN GUN4.223,452 votes

Kickflip Santa is a side scroller where you play as a skateboarding Santa Claus and deliver presents to kids while pulling off tricks and grinds! You have to deliver specific amounts of presents in each level and your score is based on both the number of presents delivered and your total score from doing tricks! Pop-shuvit over elves and kickflip a Christmas Tree then grind your way down the hill to become the ultimate Santa! Check out all the different skins and skateboards to customise Santa to how you want to look! Can you skate to save Christmas?

How to play Kickflip Santa?

Accelerate - Hold the right arrow key Jump - Up arrow key Grind - Down arrow key Brake - Left arrow key Throw Present - Spacebar Nollie - Up arrow + D Heelflip - Up arrow + S Pop Shuvit - Up arrow + A Kickflip - Up arrow + W On mobile, there are buttons to press except the tricks are random!

Who created Kickflip Santa?

Kickflip Santa was created by BUN GUN. Check out their other amazing games on Poki: Hoppenhelm, Dodge Blast, and Wild Bullets!

How can I play Kickflip Santa for free?

You can play Kickflip Santa for free on Poki.

Can I play Kickflip Santa on mobile devices and desktops?

Kickflip Santa can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.