Dadish 3D

Thomas K. Young4.5433 votes

Dadish is back for a brand new adventure - now in 3D! Dadish 3D is a platform game where you play as Dadish, a radish daddy who's in charge of finding his kids. A floating ad has come along and lead his kids away, and his fatherly senses are telling him something is wrong! Rescue his little radishes by jumping through the forest, searching the beaches and fighting big bad bosses! Are you ready for a whole new dimension of Dadish?

How to play Dadish 3D?

Move - WASD or Arrow keys

Jump - Space bar

Who created Dadish 3D?

Dadish 3D is created by Thomas K. Young, a game developer based in New Zealand. Play their other games on Poki: Dadish, Dadish 2, Dadish 3, Fowlst, Super Fowlst, and Super Fowlst 2