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Get ready for an underwater alien adventure in Submolok! Submolok is a small, squid-like alien that pilots a tiny submarine. On his way to earth, he was shot down and landed in the ocean. Now you have to help him get back home! You can use the boosters of the submarine to move around, but since they are angled at the corners of the submarine, this can be quite difficult. You'll have to time when you use your boosters precisely to get around the oceans safely. This classic Flash game is now back in HTML 5 so you can play it whenever you like! Can you get Submolok back home?

How to play Submolok?

  • Use E, I, X and M to use the thrusters and move around !

Who created Submolok?

Submolok is created by Nitrome. Play their other games on Poki: Numbskull, Gunbrick and Skywire

How can I play Submolok for free?

You can play Submolok for free on Poki.

Can I play Submolok on mobile devices and desktop?

Submolok can be played only on your computer.