Return Portal

Robert Alvarez4.070,118 votes

Return Portal is a puzzle platformer where you must collect the key(s) to unlock the gate in each level with the help of your trusty teleporter. Drop it down in the correct spot so that you can jump to it and get through obstacles which you never would've been able to pass otherwise! Teleport out of holes, through moving walls, onto platforms and so much more! Take it slow and really get your thinking cap on, is not as simple as it looks!

How to play Return Portal?

  • Move right: D or right arrow
  • Move left: A or left arrow
  • Jump: W or up arrow
  • Place teleporter / teleport: Spacebar or X
  • Restart: R

Who created Return Portal?

Return Portal is created by Robert Alvarez. They have other thinking games on Poki: , Blockins, One Button Bounce, Ledge Throw, Platform Countdown, Hop Warp, Plactions, Jumping Clones, Big Tall Small, Teleport Jumper, Block Toggle, Isotiles, Chessformer and Resizer

How can I play Return Portal for free?

You can play Return Portal for free on Poki.

Can I play Return Portal on mobile devices and desktop?

Return Portal can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.