Jump and Hover

Robert Alvarez4.017,286 votes

Jump and Hover is a puzzle platform game where you control a cube character who needs to complete obstacle and spike-filled levels without dying. The game is pretty self-explanatory: You need to jump and hover to pass the dangerous levels. Control and time the jumps wisely to stay afloat. Your hover timer depletes almost immediately, so don't waste a second in air and think about which platform you want to jump on beforehand. There are batteries scattered around the levels. These batteries help you recharge your hover bar in the air. Don't forget that touching the ground does the same! So go ahead and give it a try. Can you jump and hover your way up to victory?

How to play Jump and Hover?

  • Move - A & D or Left & Right arrow
  • Jump - W, Space bar or Up arrow
  • Hover - (Hold down) W, Space bar or Up arrow
  • Reset - R
  • Back - ESC or B

Who created Jump and Hover?

Jump and Hover is created by Robert Alvarez. They have other thinking games on Poki: Plactions, Big Tall Small, Teleport Jumper, Block Toggle, Isotiles, Chessformer and Resizer