Flipchamps Dual Strike

Brad Erkkila4.317,554 votes

Flipchamps Dual Strike is a 2-player action game created by Brad Erkkila. In this intergalactic contest, you need to prove your worth by demonstrating your strength. Losers will get their planets destroyed, so you need to be very quick on your feet. Jump between the platforms on the four corners of the screen to pick up energy. Once your power is loaded, you can unleash your special attack on your opponent. Do you have what it takes to win this competition?

How to play:

Player 1

Move - WASD

Attack - C & V

Player 2

Move - Arrow keys

Attack - K & L

About the creator:

Flipchamps Dual Strike is created by Brad Erkkila. Play their other games on Poki: Castle Pals and Squish Machine