Monkey Games

If you want animal action in the jungle, you'll feel right at home with our monkey games! Go on an adventure with hairy primates, and look for bananas and other fruit while climbing trees. If you want a mental challenge, test your brain with a game of memory. We even have Donkey Kong titles that are inspired by classic arcade and Nintendo console games!

Action in our monkey games includes side-scrolling adventures, sports challenges, and puzzles. You can try to catch snacks that are strewn across the forest. Or, hunt for treasures with a pair of chimpanzee pirates. We also have all of the best games from the Monkey Go Happy series! It's time to start monkeying around and having fun!

What are the best free Monkey Games online?

  1. Monkey Mart
  2. Sling Kong
  3. Monkey Kick
  4. Funny Daycare
  5. Rhino Rush Stampede
  6. Canopy

What are the most popular Monkey Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Monkey Mart
  2. Monkey Kick
  3. Funny Daycare