Stickjet Challenge

QKY Games4.164,011 votes

Stickjet Challenge is an HTML5, level-based stickman game created by QKY Games where you jump from platfrom to platform with a jetpack on your back. In Stickjet Challenge, collect as many stars as you can and make it to the end to advance to the next level. Sometimes the distance between platforms is huge, but that's where your jetpack comes in. Try to boost your stickman just enough to reach for the stars but make sure it doesn't collide with the ceiling or the other obstacles! You can also play Stickjet Challenge on mobile web and see how far you can fly! The game is a bit of a fusion between Stickman Hook and the Vex-series.
Space/mouse click - Activate jetpack to fly
About the creator:
Stickjet Challenge is created by QKY Games. They are also the creator behind Just One? and many other games.