One More Dash

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One More Dash, the sequel to One More Line, is a skill game from SMG Studios where you need to dash from ring to ring to see how far you can make it. Think you have what it takes to conquer One More Dash, the deceptively simple game of dashing and timing? With over 200 dashing missions to complete, the second installment of the One More series of games does not disappoint. Your objective is simple, quickly dash from circle to circle to continue your round. Pay close attention to your timing! Hit the solid parts and your dash is done! 
Space - Dash
About the creator:
One More Dash is the third installment of the One More series from SMG Studios, based in Melbourne, Australia. The series also consists of One More Line and One More Bounce. They are also the creators of Super One More Jump, Thumb Drift, and more.

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