Skiing Fred

Dedalord4.5126,712 votes

Skiing Fred is a snowy, chaotic sports game created by Dedalord, the makers of Running Fred and Super Falling Fred! In this installment of the Fred games series, Fred hits the slopes for some winter sports fun. Snowboard your way through a mountainous world and watch out for traps waiting for Fred as he escapes the Grimmy Reaper! Play Skiing Fred on Poki and earn extra points as you dangerously slide past penguins, meteors, and more. Unlock new gear to keep Fred skiing in style. With multiple game levels/modes, Skiing Fred packs a full load of fun for everyone!


Space - Jump/turbo speed
Arrow keys - Move

About the creator:

Skiing Fred is created by Dedalord, based in Argentina. They are the creators of the Fred series, including Running Fred, Super Falling Fred, and more.