Super Falling Fred

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Super Falling Fred is a free online web game and the latest release in the "Fred Series" created by Dedalord. You play this game by trying to fall down as long as you can trying to avoid hitting any objects that come your way. By dodging obstacles using your keyboard you gain points over time. Just as in Running Fred, there are endless amounts of rewards to be earned, the further you fall down.
How to play?
You can move your character by using the arrow keys on your keyboard to avoid obstacles. Especially avoid hitting the skull of your character. By collecting coins during your fall you can buy special power-ups or enable new characters.
What characters are available?
- Fred
- Ogama B. Ladder
- Haward Sparks
- Zombie Fred
- Jamie Prince
- Martin Castor
- Outragious B.
- Crash T. Dummy
- M. Gandalfi
- Mental Dude
- Emotika Diva
Are there any cheat codes?
We are not aware of any cheat codes. If you do know a cheat code, sent us a message for us to share here.
Who created Super Falling Fred?
Dedalord is the creator of Super Falling Fred, which is part of the larger Fred series. They have also created Running Fred and Skiing Fred! The creators are based in Argentina, South America.

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