Glitch Dash

David Marquardt AB4.5172,418 votes
Think you’re a reaction master? Play the Glitch Dash game and find out! Glitch Dash is a simultaneously serene and stressful first-person obstacle-dodging game where you have to stay on your toes to survive. You can play Glitch Dash for free, but every second is precious as you swerve to collect diamonds and stay out of the way of bouncing hazards that mean instant death! Diamonds buy checkpoints and saves, so keep collecting. This version of Glitch Dash online is the only true way to experience the game as developer David Marquardt intended, so come play Glitch Dash on Poki right now to test your skills!


Arrow keys - Move Space - Jump
Tips and tricks:
- Glitch Dash is a very difficult game, so don’t get disheartened if you get stuck – just keep trying!
- Every diamond is worth collecting, but if you just can’t get it then focus on finishing the stage.
About the creator:
Glitch Dash is created by solo developer David Marquardt based in Sweden. David’s other games include chameleon puzzler Pull My Tongue.