Pogo Run

Kiemura Ltd4.645,219 votes

Pogo Run is a game where you have to race others on your pogo stick! Make sure to dodge all the obstacles that are thrown in your way, and beat the other 4 players to the finish. Racing in Pogo Run is based on a knock out system. If you finish last, the game is over. Every round (4 in total) the last player gets eliminated. Make sure to not finish last in the first 3 games, and win in the last round to win the trophy! At the end of each level there is a target that you can hit for some extra points. Win all your games, earn all the trophies, and become the best Pogo Run player!


Move - click / arrows

About the creator:

Pogo Run was created by Kiemura, based in Finland. Kiemura is know for games like Piranh.io, Tap Roller, Jump Around and Picky Package.