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Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle 2 is a stickman fighting game where you an unleash your anger at waves of enemy stickmen. This game is a level-based game where your enemies get stronger and stronger. The better you fight however, the stronger you become because you can buy and upgrade weapons that you will receive in-game. Be sure to have the correct timing. Fight it out in the arena to become the victorious stickman. Play Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle 2 for free on Poki in your browser on desktop or on mobile.
Hit left - Left arrow / A
Hit right - Right arrow / D

About the creator:

Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle 2 is created by Playtouch. They are also the creators behind the other Stickman Army and Stickman Fighter games. Don't forget to play Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle as it is the prequel of this game!