Brigand Brigade

Somepx4.2474 votes

Get ready to blast off in Brigand Brigade! In this action platformer, you have to quickly and nimbly make your way through the levels. As you go along, you can shoot or jump into the targets you see throughout the level. The more targets you hit, the better your score. Try to shoot for a three star rating on all levels! The more stars you get, the more Brigands and guns you'll unlock. There's tons of collectibles to discover - so try and collect them all! Can you become the fastest and most precise Brigand of them all?

How to play Brigand Brigade?

  • Use A/D or the Left and Right arrow key to move!
  • Use S, the Down arrow key or the mouse to shoot!
  • Use spacebar, the Up arrow key or W to jump!

Who created Brigand Brigade?

Brigand Brigade was created by SomePX. Play their other game on Poki:

How can I play Brigand Brigade for free?

You can play Brigand Brigade for free on Poki.

Can I play Brigand Brigade on mobile devices and desktop?

Brigand Brigade can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.