by MotionVolt Games

Backflip your way across skyscrapers, houses, trees, and more with the latest game from MotionVolt, the creators of Flip Diving and Flip Master. Play their new game Backflipper on Poki to prove you’re the best back flipper in town. With ragdoll-like physics and various obstacles, make sure your timing is on point to land all your flips. Play the Backflipper game and earn coins along the way in order to unlock characters like a penguin, president, astronaut, and more, all with their own unique features. In this sports game, you can make the coolest backflips. Happy flipping!

Mouse - Click, hold, and move to flip and land

Tips and tricks:
- Move your mouse left or right to move your backflipper while flipping to make sure they land on the mat!
- Earn coins and unlock other flippers with special abilities to help you land even more flip!

About the creator:
Backflipper is created by MotionVolt Games based in Helsinki, Finland. They are also the creators of the hits Flip Diving and Flip Master.

Release date:
January 24, 2019
Backflipper is one of our selected Skill Games.