Halo Games

Travel into the distant future, and go to war against members of the Covenant! Our gigantic collection of Halo games includes real characters from the award-winning console series. You can play Combat Evolved storylines, jump into a sequel, or create your own adventure! As Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, you will have access to every supersoldier weapon. Fire the MA5B rifle, M90 shotgun, and M6D pistol to survive extremely intense battles!

Our Halo games cover a broad spectrum of genres. In addition to first- and third-person shooters, we have puzzle challenges , arcade adventures, and quizzes. An entire series of Halo titles is devoted to customizing your own Warthog. For a flying challenge, go head-to-head against the Flood in outer space. Even gamers who aren't interested in Halo will enjoy our collection, which includes a bunch of alien dress-up titles! Play every game based on the Bungie series without spending a penny!

What are the best free Halo Games online?

  1. Raze 3