Finn's Fantastic Food Machine

Light Wolf Studios4.555,831 votes

Finn's Fantastic Food Machine is a fast-paced restaurant game created by Light Wolf Studios. Collect plates as they come out of the kitchen and make sure they get delivered to the right table! If you've always wondered what it would be like to work in a chaotic restaurant, Finn's Fantastic Food Machine is the game for you! Play it on Poki in your browser and make sure you pay attention to the details! You'll have to stack and carry more and more plates as you play on, so be careful! Drop or miss a plate and your cooking adventure could be over.

How to play:

Move - Arrow keys/WASD

Serve plates - Space bar

About the creator:

Finn's Fantastic Food Machine is created by Light Wolf Studios, based in the United States. Play their other puzzle game on Poki: Rotate!