Dungeons & Blades

FM Studio4.2342 votes

Dungeons and Blades is a thrilling first-person game where you play as a brave warrior on a mission to recover the king's stolen treasure! Fight through waves of bug monsters blocking your path, using your strength and skills to defeat them. By using different combinations of slashes, thrusts and blocks, you can create devestating attacks that will take down any foe. Find different weapons, shields, and enchantments to help you along the way. Are you ready to reclaim the treasure and save the kingdom in Dungeons and Blades?

How to play Dungeons and Blades?

  • Use W or the Up arrow key to stab with your weapon!
  • Use D or the Right arrow key to slash with your weapon!
  • Use A or the Left arrow key to block with your shield!

Who created Dungeons and Blades?

Dungeons and Blades was created by FM Studio. Play their other game on Poki: Forgotten Hill: Fall, Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer and Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe

How can I play Dungeons and Blades for free?

You can play Dungeons and Blades for free on Poki.

Can I play Dungeons and Blades on mobile devices and desktop?

Dungeons and Blades can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.