Little Alchemy 2

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Little Alchemy 2 is an online crafting game made by Recloak. The goal is to combine the starting elements to discover new items. You start the game with the four classical elements: earth, water, air and fire. With only these four elements you can discover countless new items. You encounter four different types of items in the game:

  • Basic items: these are the items you get from the start or unlock by meeting certain conditions.
  • Unlockable items: some items can exclusively be unlocked by reaching progress milestones or finding related items.
  • Final items: items that can not be crafted into something new are final items. The final items will not show in the inventory and can be found in the encyclopedia.
  • Depleted items: these are regular items at first, but will dissapear from your workspace once you have found all possible combinations of the item.

Use your knowledge of science and common sense to find out the right combinations. Keep in mind, some of the combinations will be less obvious than others. You can play Little Alchemy 2 on Poki via your browser or mobile device.

How to play Little Alchemy 2?

Use your mouse to click, drag and drop items on top of each other to create new objects. When two items can be combined, your newly discovered item will pop up into your screen. Your progress can be found in the encyclopedia, where you will see all the items you have crafted and the combinations to get there. Once the board gets cluttered with items, you can click the clean up button in the top corner to remove the elements from the board.

Little Alchemy 2 hints

Click the dedicated hints button to receive help. The hint reveals an item you can discover by combining items in your inventory.

About the creator

Little Alchemy 2 is created by Recloak, a game development studio based in Warsaw, Poland. They are also the creators of the original little-alchemy.